Our Best Projects

Our projects are focused towards women empowerment & upliftment. Our motive is to provide livelihood support to needy women and girls.
We want them to be self dependent so live their life with dignity.


In a broad sense, education is an ongoing purposeful social process in a society, through which the innate powers of people are developed, his/her knowledge and skills are increased and behaviour is changed and thus they can made a civilized, cultured and capable citizen. They can earn money and get best support for their livelihood. If we talk about women empowerment, education plays a vital role to empower a women and it supports their livelihood. There is a saying “An educated women can educate their next generation”. If we want gender equality, stop domestic violence, self-esteem for women then we must come together to make them literate.


We all should understand that women are the best creation of God on the earth. We cannotimagine of life without her. Still people treat them like a person born to tolerate others. We works towards self-respect of women. Women always need samman. Women are mother, sister, wife, friend. Women’s are having strength like goddess who can handle and manage the situation. We should never ever underestimate them. We always use to run campaign where people can learn to give samman to women.


In our country where it is known for “country of villages” mostly women are live for their family. All family needs are their priority but they use to forget that they are also human beings and their rights are to celebrate every colour of Holi, every light of Diwali and every happy moments of life. To make them remember all these moments we at Manya Foundation use to celebrate festivals with them so that they can smile and recall their own wish and values of life.


Women’s of middle class and lower middle class do not have any big dream. They just want to live a respectful life. Sometimes small-small things gives happiness to them. We use to add little more smile in their life with providing them some learning so that they can do their best to live a better life. We are providing free silai training to them so that they can get some livelihood support. They can start a new journey of happy life.


Also known as Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace. No doubt women’s educational and financial condition improved than earlier. In this situation our primary concern is to provide safety at their workplace. To prevent any kind of harassment at workplace government bring an act with the name of POSH. We also work to make sure our working women safe at workplace. Every women should work peacefully and safely at their workplace.


Women’s are totally unique creature of this world. Only Women has the power to deliver baby, to manage the home and family. Women’s physical structures are also different and sometimes they need some knowledge and information about their personal problems. But they don’t feel comfortable to share the problems, to overcome these issues we use to organize workshop time to time with doctors who can solve their problems.